3D Printed Homes, Could This be the Future? – It’s no secret that purchasing a home in the past two years has been difficult. With Real Estate prices rising, bidding wars, and homes selling for well over the asking price, many buyers have been left frustrated and have given up hope on ever finding a place that they’ll be able to call home. While current market trends will always play a role in the pricing of Real Estate, with the rising material costs to build new homes, even new construction builds have seen skyrocketing increases over the past 6 months.

Luckily, with today’s technology and innovative minds, there may be an answer to help solve many of the problems buyers are facing and give those seeking a place to call home a glimmer of hope. A company located in Oakland California, Mighty Buildings, has innovated a solution that helps create affordable and sustainable homes, that can be built far faster than traditional builds. The answer? 3D printed homes.

3D Printed Homes3D Printed Homes, Could This be the Future?

Mighty Buildings was founded in 2017 and first began selling smaller 3D printed homes that they call “mighty mods.” These tiny homes range from 350-700 square feet and are classified as accessory dwellings units which are then set up on the same property as the homeowner’s existing house. While this has been a great launch, Mighty Buildings is ready to start selling homes that will range in size from 400-1,400 square feet and can be delivered to a parcel of property.

These cutting-edge homes open a whole new market for many homeowner hopefuls as prices are much more affordable than existing, as well as new construction builds. Mighty Mods dwellings are starting at $187,250 and houses starting at $221,500, which could help make the idea of owning a home a reality instead of a dream for many Americans.

The smaller accessory dwellings can be printed/constructed in less than 24 hours, a much faster turnaround than a traditional new construction home, and by using their own synthetic stone called “Light Stone” the company is able to have virtually no waste as only the needed parts are printed, thus making it a much greener home in general. Customizations to homes can be made allowing for specific exterior appearances and interior features, ensuring that you still get the custom new home feel, without having to wait for a new-build or spend your life savings on materials.

As Mighty Building starts to unveil homes, there may be a whole new style of Real Estate entering the market and it’s our job to help keep you informed. The Real Estate Market is ever-evolving, and with the idea of 3D printed homes on the horizon, we are here to answer your questions and help you find a home that you love. Please feel free to contact our office at any time for any Real Estate needs and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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