Filled with a mix of college students, tourists, and residents out for a good time, Downtown Phoenix is full of things to do. You’ll find no shortage of live music venues, professional sports, dining, craft breweries, bars and nightclubs, and historic sites. If you’re planning a trip to Phoenix or wondering what you’ll do after relocating there, here are a few of the highlights downtown Phoenix has to offer.

4 of the Best Things to Do in Downtown Phoenix


This two-block concentration of restaurants, bars, and retailers is a one-stop-shop for a night out. Check out Stand Up Live to enjoy drinks and laughs with friends, or Billiards and Bowling for a laid-back place to play and meet new people. Whether you want to grab a quick and casual bite to eat or sit down for a gourmet meal, CityScape has a restaurant for you. Don’t forget to check out any of the coffee shops and craft cocktail lounges, as well. And if you like to shop, you’ll love the variety of boutiques in CityScape.


Professional Sports

Sports fans will be thrilled to visit Downtown Phoenix, where college sports at the Arizona State University campus are taking place year-round, the Diamondbacks play at Chase Field, and the Suns take on their opponents at Footprint Center. Whether you’re a baseball fan, a basketball fan, or you want to cheer on your local college athletes, there’s something for every sports fan.

Arizona Science Center

Arizona Science Center

Offering a combination of permanent and seasonal exhibits, the Arizona Science Center is a fun, educational center for the community. Adults and kids will be equally engaged by the exhibits and programs offered. You can even have them host your birthday party for a memorable and educational experience. Check out the planetarium to marvel at the heavens; the W.O.N.D.E.R. center, where you’ll learn all about the human brain; the American Airlines Flight Zone, where visitors can try their hand at engineering an airplane or helicopter; or Solarville, where the science of getting sustainable energy from the sun comes to life.

Herberger Theater Center

Herberger Theater Center

This nonprofit in the heart of Phoenix presents culture and the arts for the community. They are committed to a community of culture, diversity, and equity in the arts, offering youth programs and tours, as well as a wide variety of performing arts exposure. You’ll find lunchtime performances, family friendly productions, thought provoking plays, pop up performances, and art festivals at the Herberger Theater Center.

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