What is Cave Creek Famous For
Located about thirty miles north of Phoenix, Cave Creek is a wonderful place to live or vacation. You’ll find natural beauty, five-star dining, hiking and horseback riding to enjoy the views, a motorcycle community, and nods to the Wild West heritage of the city. It’s hard to simplify the vibe of Cave Creek because there really is a little bit of everything in this fun small town.

What is Cave Creek Famous For?What is Cave Creek Famous For

Western Charm

Whether it’s the saloons for some two steppings, bull riding, and a drink or a trip to the Cave Creek Museum to learn about the town’s mining and ranching history, you’ll notice a distinct western charm throughout Cave Creek. Strolling down the main street, you’ll enjoy a quaint western ambience with upscale western boutiques, well-known saloons, live music, and excellent food.

Both casual eateries and gourmet restaurants are found in Cave Creek, and while there are a wide variety of cuisines available, you will find many BBQ and western-themed restaurants to enjoy.

What is Cave Creek Famous ForWild West Days

Cave Creek hosts an annual three day event called Wild West Days, and it draws tourists from far and wide to enjoy all kinds of Western fun during the fall. Wild West Days goers enjoy a parade, rodeo events, a cattle drive, Native American dance performances, live country-western music, and gun showdown theatrical performances.

The event is free to the public and offers something for all ages. Whether you live in Cave Creek or want to visit, you won’t want to miss Wild West Days.

High-End Shopping and Dining

Cave Creek is the second most expensive city in Arizona, which makes for an affluent and upscale ambience. With five star restaurants, designer and boutique shopping, and luxury homes, Cave Creek is a lovely place to live year-round and offers more than just the western charm for which it’s more widely known. With a low crime rate and beautiful housing, Cave Creek is easy to love.

Hiking and Horseback Trails

Whether you’d like to enjoy them on foot or on horseback, Cave Creek has beautiful trails to follow and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. If you love the great outdoors, you have to visit Spur Cross Ranch Conservation, with over 2,000 acres of open desert space. You will find a variety of difficulty levels and lengths in their trails, with both pedestrian and equestrian trails. If you prefer to take a leisurely picnic or nature stroll, there are picnic areas and plenty of space to enjoy the wildlife and views without taking to the trails.

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