5 Things to Know About Phoenix Before You Decide to Move There

#1 The Valley of the Sun

The nickname for Phoenix is appropriately “the Valley of the Sun” and it’s easy to see why. When you think of living in the desert, you often think of heat, however, Phoenix is no joke. On average you’ll receive 330 days of sun a year, this is more than any other metropolitan city, meaning if you love the sunshine, then this is the place to be!

5 Things to Know About Phoenix Before You Decide to Move There#2 Low Cost of Living

While the housing market has indeed increased drastically over the past few years, it hasn’t necessarily affected the cost of living in the Phoenix area. With real estate hikes across the nation, even with the increases in home prices and everyday goods and services, Greater Phoenix remains one of the more affordable metro-cities in the county with low cost of living.

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#3 It’s a Diverse Market

Whether you’re searching for a small condo downtown, a townhome with a nice patio, single family home, or an expansive estate boasting land and a pool, the market in Phoenix is exceptionally diverse ensuring that regardless of the housing style you prefer, you are sure to find something that piques your interest. In addition to the multiple housing styles and sizes, the rental market within the city is also vast, allowing many to find rentals that not only fit their budget, but their personal preferences and tastes as well.

#4 Research the Schools

Regardless of where you plan to move, researching the school districts are essential and Phoenix is no exception. Due to the vast size of Greater Phoenix, there are many different districts that serve the city as well as the surrounding communities, and as with all things, some have higher ratings than others. The top 5 districts are currently:

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#5 No Daylight Savings

It’s no secret that people often dread daylight savings, while it can be beneficial for a few reasons, many argue that it is better to forego the time change altogether and when calling Arizona home, you can do just that! The state has chosen to forego following the traditional daylight savings schedule meaning there is no need to adjust your clocks throughout the year.

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