5 Features to Look for in a Desert Home

When it comes to buying a desert home there are a few different home features that you may want to keep in mind. Much like with all real estate purchases, you’ll have your list of wants and needs and will use that to begin your search for a house to call home. One thing that many people fail to realize is that depending on where you’re house hunting, you may want to make sure that the home has specific features to make your home more enjoyable long term and this is especially true for desert homes. For example, if you live in Alaska, you’ll more than likely want to have a large wood burning fireplace as an extra source of heat and light, much like with this scenario, there are a few key elements you’ll want in a desert home.

Top 5 Home Features for a Desert Home

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5 Features to Look for in a Desert Home #1 Ceiling Fans

While many argue that air conditioning should be first vs. second on the list, you’d be amazed at how valuable ceiling fans are. These provide great air movement and help keep the air in your home feeling cool. Additionally, ceiling fans use far less energy than an A.C unit which allows for a much more budget friendly option on days that might not seem as hot.

#2 Air Conditioning

Of course, air conditioning is your next must have. Arizona isn’t nicknamed Sun-Valley for nothing, you’ll get a lot, and we mean a LOT of sun, which in turn, provides a lot of heat. With temperatures of more than 100 for most of the summer, your home might end of feeling more like a sauna if your A.C isn’t running. When purchasing a home not only will you want to ensure the home has an HVAC system, but you’ll also want to make sure the system has been serviced and maintained to avoid premature failure or repairs from being needed.

#3 Double Paned Windows

A great way to help keep your home temperature controlled is by ensuring you have energy efficient windows. Single-pane windows often allow both cool and warm air to easily travel in and out of your home requiring more heating or cooling to keep your home temperature controlled. By either upgrading your windows or purchasing a home that has double-paned energy efficient windows you can not only lower your electric bill but run your HVAC systems less. While this is an important feature in all homes, when it comes to desert homes, the more temperature controlled, the better!

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#4 Screen Doors

While not true of every day, some days in the desert you’ll notice that the evenings and mornings provide very pleasant cool temperatures. Window screens as well as front and back door screens are a great option to cool your home off in the evenings and mornings. Simply open the doors and windows and try and cool your home off in the morning and evening. Screens are important as they act as a barrier to help keep bugs and pests outside.

#5 Hard Floors

Even if you’re purchasing a home in a developed area where it doesn’t feel like the “desert” you’d be amazed at how much dust and dirt can be blown into your home even with the slightest breeze. Hard floors are not only easier to clean, but often stay cooler meaning they’ll help keep your home more temperature controlled, and in addition, won’t harbor any unwanted debris or dust.

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