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I have always wanted some central place for gardeners of all levels to be able to access relevant and useful information. So I wanted to share some of my sources that have helped me build my backyard garden paradise.

I will list some of my most useful information sources, influential videos, and local resources to aid in your garden’s success. By utilizing such resources I know you can be adding value and peace of mind by creating your own supply of organic food for your family that you know is free from GMO plants and pesticides.

Some of my favorite videos include:

Youtube Walkthrough of my personal backyard garden paradise

Here is a great primer on setting up your Garden Paradise!

Pay particular attention to the 3:51 timestamp for the best Raised-Bed Garden design for Peoria Az Monsoons!

Gardening Resources by Organic Realtor in Peoria AZ
The Best Raised Bed Garden Design in the Southwest

Timestamp outline for easy reference:

Before and After 2:52 Raised Garden Beds 3:51 Heirloom Seeds 9:11 Volunteer Plants 10:40 Going To Seed 11:58 Herb Garden 13:42 Tipping Propagation 16:35 Garden Planning/ Year-Round Harvesting 17:13 Attracting Pollinators 18:45 Tree Grafting 20:43

Back to Eden Gardenings documentary – This show really opened my eyes to “No-Till” gardening and how important soil structure is for any garden.

My hope is to have a chicken coop as Paul did one day.

Mlgardener – is a great site for gardeners of all levels. His videos cover a huge range of topics and have been very informative.

Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) – Gary has been very useful when talking about fighting off insects and treating various plant diseases and the like.

TexasPrepper2 – This person motivated me into considering growing blackberry bushes in Arizona, which has turned out to be very successful.

I encourage you to check out the many other sites that are informative and helpful for your specific gardening needs.

Seed and Plant sources – Now there are many opinions on various seed sources. I am just sharing the ones that I have used and found useful.

Fedco – This is one of my favorite sources for seeds. They have a large supply of heirloom variety (non-GMO) seeds which are the ones I only recommend.

Fedco has a long history of helping to preserve non-GMO seeds and they have a recently added section as well.

Seed – They have a wide variety of heirloom variety (non-GMO) selections and they too focus on the community of supporting heirloom seed growers.

Nourse Farms – This company is your go-to shop for any berries you want to grow. My favorite is the Prime Ark Freedom variety which is thornless primocane species. They produce up to 2-inch long berries, the best you have ever eaten.

Garden Stack Exchange – Another great source for budding gardeners.

Old Farmer’s Almanac – This is a tried and true site for all your needs and questions. The forums are a good reference source as well.   This is a place where you can schedule wood chips drops directly to your home from area landscaping companies. You can also build a relationship with your current tree trimmer.

Local soil sources in Phoenix Arizona which have helped me to become a truly organic realtor in Peoria Az includes:

Agave-Farms – Friendly employees there that are very helpful. Soil quality has a good mix of biomaterials. The compost (treated manure) you can mix in yourself along with native soil.

Preach Building Supply – Soil tends to be more sandy than I like but they are also very helpful with loading into the back of your truck. You should check them out as well.

Bedrock Sand and Gravel – I have tried their mulch which has a good amount of composted material. I have not tried their garden soil though.

Singh’s Farms – I have purchased some garden soil from their offsite location, right off the 101 but at the time it didn’t have a lot of biomaterial in it. I plan on going back to followup on their soil material later.

** Pending verification Peter’s organic world

Useful Materials that don’t rust and are reusable!

Red Brand Welded Wire 6 feet by 100-foot rolls, Tractor Supply Co., or Lowes.

The best part about this wire is that it is very customizable, very flexible, and will not rust. Another great benefit is that the wire is very small and perfect for your favorite pollinators, the hummingbirds!

Arizona Bag Company  – Seek out the 50% Shade fabric. This product is of high quality and will last you many years if you take care of it. I then put grommets along the long sides of the fabric to help me tie down the fabric for those Phoenix AZ Monsoons!

½ Inch EMT conduit and 90-degree connectors at Home Depot  – Get the 5-foot version which is precut! A huge time saver. You can invest in a hand cut off wheel but that is for more experienced tool users. I prefer to utilize items that require no tools and ease of assembly!

Grateful Gnome Humming Bird Feeders that will not rust! These feeders are very easy to clean and the hummingbirds in the area know as they constantly are flying around to get some juice out of it.

A word of warning about the type of liquid to use. Don’t use the store-bought mixture, as that has artificial coloring and preservatives. You don’t need that at all. I make mine with about 10 tablespoons of sugar to each refill with purified water. The glass is red by design so you don’t need any type of coloring. I will be writing more about my experience with bird feeders later, so stay tuned!

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Colored tie-offs and plastic markers – This flagging tape is one of my favorites as it is not expensive and easy to store.

Galvanized steel wire – 200 foot, 16 gauge wire is a good choice for backyard gardens and reinforcing those upright tomato cages using the welded wire.

Wire Cutter Pliers – I prefer Klien tools for anything electrical-based. But, you can use all types of wire cutters to suit your preference.

Hand shears – Felco is a higher quality but I prefer, on a daily basis, to use a less costly model such as Fiskars 5.5 in. Bypass Pruner 

Loppers – A staple for any urban garden, great for trimming those stray tree and bush branches.

With these suggestions and resources, I have tried to use the most effective, reusable, and longest-lasting suggestions that will save you money over time by learning from my mistakes. My hope is that this guide will help you provide years of joy in building your Backyard Gardening Paradise or even your own Urban Farm!

Feel free to contact me with your gardening questions. If you are thinking about doing some backyard remodeling and want to get an idea of your current home’s value, here is a no-cost home valuation tool.

Written by Richard Mellen, Truly Organic Realtor in Peoria, AZ. See our most organic realty with  update to date listings here

Disclaimer – I do not receive any monetary benefits from any of these sources nor would I accept any. I am here to provide non-biased information for the sole purpose of encouraging gardeners at all stages to enhance their garden experience and knowledge. My hope is that I may motivate others to branch out and create their own garden paradise so they might enjoy growing and harvesting their own food and the benefits of seeing the fruits of their own labors.

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