Understanding Fire Safety for Your Arizona Home

Fire safety is something that all homeowners should not only research but ensure is practiced within their home. While fire safety is highly important regardless of the climate you live in, when it comes to living in hot, dry climates such as Arizona, fire safety is of the utmost importance. While we may all remember the typical, “stop, drop, and roll,” there are a few pieces of fire safety equipment that you’ll want to ensure to have inside your home.

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Understanding Fire Safety for Your Arizona Home Detectors

While most homes will generally be equipped with a fire detector, you want to ensure that you have enough detectors, both fire and Carbon monoxide, as oftentimes these devices may be able to detect smoke and carbon monoxide before you or your family, and in many cases, these simple electronics may be what saves you.

Tip: make sure to replace the batteries in all your detectors annually to ensure that your alarms never die.


Extinguishers may not be able to help you with a large blaze, however, this simple fire safety tool can often be the difference between a small kitchen fire being contained, vs. spreading to the rest of your home. Not only should you always have a fire extinguisher in your home, but you’ll want to ensure that you know how to operate it, that it’s easy to access in an emergency, as well as in proper working order and not expired.

Escape Routes

This is especially important for homes that are multi-levels as if a fire has trapped you on the top story of the home, you’ll want to ensure you have a way to safely escape. A great option for this is to have fire ladders in each bedroom, these ladders are often rolled up and can easily be stores in closets, under beds, next to windows, etc. and can be opened easily providing a safe way to descend out of a window. When thinking of fire safety often you’ll think of how to stop the fire, unfortunately sometimes, the best thing to do is simply get out safely.

Tip: to ensure functionality and proper use, try hosting a “fire drill” with your family members to ensure that they can open and set up the ladder both safely as well as in a timely manner.


While it may seem simple and not needed to some, making an emergency plan is vital in protecting you and your family from potential ire danger. Your plan could include where to meet in an emergency, for example, a park down the street, a lamp post across the street, etc. In addition to where to meet, you will also want to make sure that you know how to turn off the water, and gas to your home, and have an emergency kit always stocked. This kit should include water, clothing, any needed medications, etc.

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