Will a Permanent Pet Door Affect the Value of my Home?While pet doors are often thought of as a small doorway added to an existing door, with the traditional rubber or plastic flap, many people have started to add more permanent pet doors within the structure of their homes. For example, instead of the more traditional option you would normally see at the bottom of a back door, or even a sliding glass door insert, you’ll find that many homeowners have had a hole cut into the side of their home, creating a pet door that is essentially a part of the wall.

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There are many reasons why you may want to add a permanent pet door to your home and if done properly they can look better than the more traditionally options. Another perk is that the permanent doors can give your pet access to their outdoor space in the desired part of your home. For example, you could have the side of your house designated as a dog run and create a permanent door that leads directly from inside your living room into the run.

There are indeed perks to the permanent options for homeowners, however, by installing a door of this style you should be prepared for the value of your home to decrease, often making it more difficult to sell. While some pet owners may love the idea, for those without pets, or those who wish to keep their pets indoors, this could be a huge red flag.

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In addition to creating an eye sore, buyers may see many other cons associated with the door, each seemingly ticking the value of the house down little by little. Many people without pets may be questioning things such as:

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