Five Things Buyers Look For in an Arizona Home

Five Things Buyers Look For in an Arizona Home – Whether you are preparing to buy or sell in Arizona, you might be wondering what a typical wish list is in the Arizona housing market. While every buyer will have his or her own specific style and needs, there are a few trends that real estate agents in Arizona see among a diverse range of buyers.

Read on to learn about five of the biggest features Arizona home buyers have on their list.

Ways to Beat the Heat

One of the top must-haves in an Arizona home is central air conditioning. With a hot, sunny climate like Arizona’s, living without air conditioning feels impossible to most people. Residents of Arizona tend to run their air conditioners year-round, so it is a non-negotiable feature for most buyers. Other ways to enjoy the climate are also attractive, so swimming pools tend to be a selling point as well.

Energy Efficiency

Solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and updated insulation are all some of the features buyers are looking for in Arizona. In such a sunny climate, maximizing the benefit of solar power is a no-brainer, especially to offset relatively high utility bills from year-round air conditioning use.

Existing solar panels that either have excellent lease terms or are already paid off and included with the home purchase will be a selling point. Any energy efficiency features in a home are appealing to Arizona buyers, including energy-efficient appliances and insulation to maximize the effect of air conditioning in the home while minimizing the cost.

Open Concept Floor Plans

While different buyers may prefer different styles, an open concept floor plan is almost universally appealing in today’s market. Buyers love an open living area for entertaining and family time at home.

Smart Home Features

Homebuyers are often looking for smart home features, even if it means a higher price tag. Buyers are increasingly interested in technology that adds to the comfort, safety, and convenience of their home. Some of the most highly desired smart home features are security systems, electric vehicle charging stations, smart thermostats that can be operated via cell phone apps, smart appliances, and smart blinds or other window coverings.

Flex Space

Many residents of Arizona work from home, and that percentage is increasing as more and more people relocate to Arizona from urban settings, bringing their jobs with them remotely. The events of the past two years have accelerated this trend, making home offices and flexible spaces that can be used for an online school or homeschooling and virtual appointments even more appealing to buyers.

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