Common Mistakes When Selling Your Home and How to Avoid Them

Mistakes happen, it’s part of being human, however when it comes to selling your home, simple mistakes can often be a deal breaker causing you to lose the sale, and thus, pushing you back to square one. There are a few common mistakes that many sellers often make, and while it isn’t intentional to do so, by understanding these mistakes, you can do your best to try and avoid making them, ensuring that your sale goes as smoothly as possible.

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Selling Your Home Isn’t Free

Ready to make a profit? Most sellers are! Unfortunately, there are fees associated with selling your home that many sellers seem to forget about. While in many cases, these fees can be deducted from the profit of the sale, it’s important to understand the fees to give you a more accurate idea of what your net profit will be.

Know Your Home’s True Value

The emotional draw to your home can often give you an inflated ideal of your home’s value. While we all feel as if our home is better than the rest, having a false idea of your home’s value can cause you to inaccurately price your home which can cause a large range of different problems throughout the selling process. When selling your home, ask a professional to give you a full market analysis and pull comparable listings, this allows for a more accurate value, and thus, a better list price.

Selling “As-Is” or Leaving the Clutter

Don’t let a seller’s market fool you! Selling your home still take work. Take the time to clean your home, de-clutter personal belongings, etc. By doing so, your home can look more appealing to buyers as it is seen as a blank canvas for them to turn into their home, instead of them moving into your home. This is also true for an “as is” sale, in many cases an “as is” sale will draw less buyers and sell for less than if you’d taken the time to clean things up prior to listing.

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Neglecting Home Repairs and Maintenance

As with all home sales, during the process the buyers will order a home inspection. This inspection will go in depth and show the buyer all major repairs that need to be made. This can often throw a wrench in your selling timeline, cause expensive repairs, and in some cases cause your buyers to back out. Try to tackle any major home repairs prior to listing your home and make sure that your home maintenance is up to date on things such as appliances, chimney sweeps, etc.

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